Accessible Schools – Customer Service Guide

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The Ontario Education Services Corporation, of which OPSBA is a partner member, has partnered with the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario in an EnAbling Change Project to develop resources that will assist school boards with meeting the requirements of the AODA Customer Service standard.  The Tips on Serving Customers with Disabilities guide was developed using the combined expertise from senior officials in school boards and staff from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario. They have ensured that the documents are practical, timely and useful. The Guide contains exemplar policies and procedures accompanied by explanatory notes, definitions and useful web links.

Additional attachments for the Guide are listed below.

Contents List: Guide for School Boards regarding an Accessible Ontario

Introduction: Accessible Ontario Customer Service Template

Acknowledgement Letter: AODA Customer Service Template

Exemplar Policy: Explanatory Notes and Definitions

Example Policy: Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Exemplar Procedures: Explanatory Note

Exemplar Procedure regarding Notification of Disruption in Service

Exemplar Procedure regarding Use of Assistive Devices

Exemplar Procedure regarding Use of Support Persons

Exemplar Procedure regarding Use of Service Animals

Exemplar Procedure regarding Feedback Process

Checklist for Accessible Standards for Customer Service

Equity Diversity Inclusion Policy KPRDSB

Sample Board Adaptation of CS Exemplar Policy Template