President’s Award

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Vision, commitment, dedication, selflessness. These are the qualities that give us the inspiration to take up the role of trustee. The sense of accomplishment in our work as trustees very much comes from our personal and private recognition of a job well done. And sometimes it comes from public recognition by our peers.

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association represents all trustees engaged in public education in this province. Our Association wants to honour some very special colleagues – the trustees who have stood by their vision and selflessly given of themselves to the students and parents of Ontario for more than 25 years.

We are privileged, on behalf of all trustees in the province, to present the OPSBA President’s Award in recognition of 25 years of service in public education. The President’s Award was established at the Fall Northern Region Conference in October 2001.

Online Nomination Form

The nomination deadline for the 2024 President’s Award will be announced soon.

Terms of Award

Induction ceremonies are held at OPSBA’s annual Public Education Symposium in January. The President’s Award will be forwarded to boards of recipients not attending this event.

Nomination Information Checklist


This invitation is open to trustees who have not yet received this award, and who have completed 25 years or more of service.


Year Trustee School Board

Judy Hunda

Dena Morrison

Rainbow DSB

Rainbow DSB


Jane Bryce

Rose Kitney

Angela Lloyd

Susan Thayer

Marilyn McComb

Lambton Kent DSB

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Algoma DSB

Bluewater DSB

2021 Colleen Schenk Avon Maitland DSB

Lynn Scott

Russell Reid

David Shields

Ottawa-Carleton DSB

Algoma DSB

Renfrew County DSB


Graham Lidstone

John Hendry

Algoma DSB

Waterloo Region DSB

2018 Joyce Bennett Thames Valley DSB

Bruce Schieck

Susan Moziar

Upper Grand DSB

Upper Grand DSB


Judy Saunders

Gale Simko-Hatfield​

Trillium Lakelands

Greater Essex County DSB

2015 Ron Oikonen​ Lakehead DSB​
2014 Judith Bishop ​Hamilton-Wentworth DSB

​Debra Edwards

Wanda McQueen

Saunders Porter

Doreen Dewar

​Simcoe County DSB

Algoma DSB

DSB Ontario North East

Rainbow DSB


Lora Campbell

Rosemary Pochopsky

Randy Sheppard

DSB of Niagara

DSB Ontario North East

Near North DSB


Heather Bozzer

Beryl Ford

Gerri Gershon

Dave Penny

DSB Ontario North East

Peel DSB

Toronto DSB

Keewatin-Patricia DSB


Thelma Goodfellow

Juergen Leukert

Hastings and Prince Edward DSB

DSB Ontario North East


Armand Giguere

Peter Jaffe

Kerry Peacock

Terry Swanson

Caramat DSAB

Thames Valley DSB

Campbell Children’s SA

Nakina DSAB


Albert Schaffer

DSB Ontario North East


Bill Dawes

Elaine Crawford

Keewatin-Patricia DSB

Limestone DSB


Tom Kilpatrick

Bill Castagne

Greater Essex County DSB

Missarenda DSAB


Samuel J. J. Clements

Bill Mokomela

Duncan Longwell

Irene Atkinson 

Art Buckland

Hastings and Prince Edward DSB

Lakehead DSB

Lambton Kent DSB

Toronto DSB

Upper Canada DSB


Bob Whitehead

George Seaton

Dalton Clark

Helen Hall

Ray Mulholland

Reg Woodworth

Roy Wilfong

Richard Whittington

Angeline Desbiens

Ruth Thompson

Gord McBridge

Algoma DSB

Connell and Ponsford DSAB

DSB of Niagara

DSB of Niagara

Hamilton-Wentworth DSB

Hamilton-Wentworth DSB

Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB

Lambton Kent DSB

Missarenda DSAB

Peel DSB

Rainy River DSB